Video Production, Branding and Content Creation

Video is hands down the most powerful tool that a business can use to tell its story.  Together we will create new assets and use existing content to communicate your vision and attract more potential customers to your business.  As we learn more about your business, we'll be able to produce a scripted professional video that can be used and repurposed on any and plateforms so that you connect with your target market and attract those who need and want your service.  Your brand is who you are and the legacy you want to leave behind. 

Ecommerce, Sales Funnels & Social Media Management

Businesses today must understand more than ever the difference between getting "eyeballs" and attracting targetted customers who are actually actively looking for your product or service.  Not only do we help you with your social media strategy but we can also help you create sales funnels that will hand hold your customers throughout the sales process.  Social media is now one of the quickest and easiest ways for a potential customer to learn about your business and we can help you target them using Facebook Ads or any other online advertising plateform. YouTube is another big player when it comes to advertising.  We'll help you optimise your channel so that we can tap into vaste ocean of viewers who are looking for you and direct them to you efficiently to your funnel.  New sales channels are now available via new and existing plateforms.  We can help you set up an ecommerce strategy that makes it easy for your customers to buy your products or sign up to learn more!   Email marketing is another important strategy that every business must learn to adopt in order to create a long term relationship with clients.  All these plateforms, if used in the right way, can help your business grow exponentially and we're here to help!

Search Engine Optimization

Most business owners spend most of their precious resources on the esthetics of their website rather than focus on what really matters which is to increase the traffic. We work in the back end of your website to optimize all the little details that make the difference between a website that ranks on the first page, the tenth page or not at all.  We use some of the best-in-class strategies for search engine optimization, search engine marketing, and lead generation.  We break it down and focus on what really matters, working to drill down to the key Google search terms you will dominate based on our research. We use the most cutting edge and proven methods at organic search to help you rank above the rest.


Project: Social Media Content Creation & Amazon E-Commerce
Client: NGA Soccer -  Professional Goalie Gloves & International Soccer Brand

Project: Music Video Production & Online Marketing

 Artists: XLA ; DJs/Producers: Ticli & Gas  (Italy)

Record Label: Blanco y Negro , Barcelona, SPAIN

Project: Content Production & Branding

Client: Profession Institute of the Public Service of Canada (Ottawa, Canada)